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Performance Merging with Simplicity

  • 28.02.2012 12:00
  • CDVI Group
  • CDVI Group

The innovative ATRIUM embedded web server is fast, simple and secure as can be. From any place in the world, you can do tasks like; user/card management, lock/unlock doors instantly, and view system events. The embedded web server provides instant results using any recent web browser, smart phone or tablet.


Safety First

Building and personal security are at the forefront with Atrium. Attempts to sabotage critical door lock devices will immediately be thwarted. The Atrium system will preserve building security and your peace of mind by maintaining the doors locked and  secured.


Atrium’s software is designed with simplicity in mind. Easy to understand critical system information is displayed quickly and efficiently upon system login. In addition, Atrium windows can be arranged in any way that you find convenient. Drag and drop windows along with sequentially-located menu buttons make Atrium one of the simplest systems on the market today.


A  partition is an area within which you decide who will be granted or denied access. Select one or several doors to be included in a partition. Assign access rights by selecting which partitions users will be permitted access. Complicated access rights made simple with Atrium.

Fast & Easy Card Enrolment Mode

With today’s ever-increasing hectic pace, time is becoming more and more precious. Atrium’s quick and easy Card Enrollment Mode makes adding or deleting cards faster than ever before. So easy in fact that a computer is no longer required to accomplish these common tasks. Customers will definitely appreciate this highly effective and speedy feature.

Intuitive Schedules

Flexible, easy and powerful are key words when creating schedules with Atrium. The highly intuitive and graphical schedule menu supports click-and-drag time periods and repetitive multi-day sequences to make complex time-management scenarios easy to create. Supporting 100 schedules with 100 time periods each, Atrium will meet any time-management requirement. Additional functionality permits the inclusion or exclusion of holidays in each individual schedule.

Sleek and Innovative Readers

Winners of a prestigious industrial design award for innovative design, CDVI’s readers are a perfect match for the Atrium access control system. Discreet and intuitive, CDVI’s Nano, Solar and Star proximity card readers will complement any decor. Providing optimal read range, audible feedback and unmatched safety these readers are easy to mount and are brilliantly illuminated with tri-color back-lighted status LEDs.

Vigilant protection

Atrium offers enhanced protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Core system requirements have been designed to instantly advise you of any and all crucial system information including access-related events, door status and alarms along with advanced system component monitoring. As such, Atrium provides peace of mind at all times.

Activity reports in a short time

Straightforward and intuitive, Atrium’s reports are created, displayed and printed quickly and efficiently. Track access activities of all, some or a single card holder(s) at one or all doors, the choice is yours. Precise date and times are easily selected and detailed report results are available in no time at all. Several pre-configured report templates for ease of use and a powerful step-by-step custom report wizard guarantee that Atrium has successfully merged simplicity and performance.

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